About Us

About Us

Australian Perennial Growers (APG) is an Australian based plant marketing and licensing company located in Arcadia NSW. APG sources and promotes new plant varieties from local and international independent plant breeders providing professional management of their plants within the Australian marketplace.

Marketing strategies, with a professional approach, are developed to ensure opportunities within Australia for the licensing and promoting of plant material are optimised. Collectively, we have a network of nurseries covering every state and territory in Australia with these licensing agreements working in all sectors of the industry.

Quality assurance and testing of new plant material is carried out in different conditions around Australia before any plant is released onto the market. New plants meet a performance criterion which ensures consumer satisfaction. This guarantees that any plant which has the APG label is a proven performer.

Services we offer includes: –

  • Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) intellectual protection management
  • Management and marketing
  • High quality promotional material
  • Professional plant labelling
  • Plant images
  • Marketing material
  • Online media presence including Facebook, Website, Instagram

APG brings Australians exceptional plants for their gardens.

Our Vision

APG growers strive to produce high quality plants and help gardeners create living spaces in their home that stimulate their senses and imagination. APG finds plants that always surprise and create solutions for the home gardener in Australia. We believe in making a difference in every Australian back yard.